About myself

Artist's Statement

My photography helps me connect with the spirit of the things I love in life: wildlife, nature and sports. Through my photography I hope to inspire others with the joy I experience in interacting with the world. I especially enjoy photographing birds because their unique biology and behavior are so different from our own. The majesty and grace of the big mammals fills me with excitement, and sometimes a sense of danger. I am awed by our natural world, from the immensity of wide open landscapes to the beauty of the smallest, most fragile flowers.


Why Sparrow Hawk?

Sparrow Hawk is my totem. In another life, I was a competitive ultra-marathon bike racer. In one of the premier events in that sport, the Furnace Creek 508, a 508 mile non-stop race through the California desert, participants are assigned a totem by the race director rather than a rider number. While racing, and throughout the rest of my life, I focus on the unique characteristics of the Sparrow Hawk (American Kestrel) and try to incorporate them into my own personality. In particular, the Sparrow Hawk is a very patient hunter and I need all of the patience I can get.